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Finishing your higher secondary course ? Confused on where to head up ? Have you ever wondered what is preventing you from enrolling in a Professional course and completing Your higher secondary program? “Fear of Failure” to obtain an Undergraduate degree could be the the number one reason that is pulling Many capable students away from a rewarding career. Fear no more! Along with a conventional degree, SAHARA ensures you are work ready and well-equipped to take up a professional job. When you become a part of our aspiring team of students at SAHARA, you are not just enrolling in a conventional degree program. Instead, you are also benefitting from the additional value-added professional courses that are designed to equip you with all the skills needed to make you an industry-ready professional.


What do you want to study?


  • Convenient Study Time

    Convenient Study Time

    Study in your free time,no time management issues, perfect balance between work and study time.

  • Placement Assistance

    Placement Assistance

    At the point when an Course finish effectively, Sahara Education's Placement Cell causes interview with major companies..

  • Easy To Access

    Easy To Access

    There is easy accessibility to online help in terms of online teachers and online forums. Teachers can be contacted with the help of video chats and e-mails.

  • Study on the Go


    The department comprises encouraging and energetic faculty, guiding students through every phase of syllabus.

  • Get an Innovative, In-depth Transition

    Study Material

    Learning becomes easy with the multiple sources of learning materials such as text books, power-point presentations, and story boards on various subjects.

  • Practical & Interactive Participation

    Practical & Interactive Participation

    Assessments and interactivities are given at the end of every session such that the practical application of theory learnt can be gauged.

There are many ways to learn How do you want to study?

  • Kerala University Parallel Degree

    Get Proffesional Job at half of your Degree...

  • Dream Zone for Creative Designs

    Graphics & Animation, Fashion Design, Interior Design...

  • Livewire For Technical Career

    Data Science, Python, Ethical Hacking, AI and More...


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Students Says...

  • If you wanted to learn designing from scratch and dreaming about becoming an expert, then Dreamzone is the best place for you. The amount of excitement and patience that every faculty shows here is astonishing. I have personally learnt so many things in designing, sketching and stitching.

    Aishwarya HukkeriDream Zone
  • I am doing Master in EDA course at livewire. Eventhough I did several courses at different institutions,I felt livewire the better amongst all because of its excellent faculty, lab and course curriculum.In addition to this,they are also providing textbooks.

    GANGA DEVI M,Livewire
  • Thank you Dream zone for helping me take my first step towards fashion designing! It was a great experience.. Experienced faculty, Personalised training and perfect ambience!

    Linda,Dream Zone
  • First of all I am thanking livewire for helping me to reach my dream. I am a fresher computer engineer, but when I was searching jobs they all were asking for any extra programming language skill and when I reached livewire they suggested me the Java course, and that made the turning point in my carrier. I would recommend to my friends too.

  • I was previously working in ORCAD software and I wanted to upgrade my carrier in that field and finally my search got ended up in livewire Trivandrum. The course contents are more practically oriented and I am very much satisfied with the course. The trainer was really very helpful.

  • This notion of thinking differently has fostered my imagination and has given me the freedom of doing things my way. I am thankful to DreamZone for giving wings to my ideas and creativity.

    Rachana,Dream Zone