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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

Nowadays, proper education and good employment are essential for any individual’s life. Every year, the students come down to different professional courses in India. But most of them remain unsure of what to take for.


Have you concerned about choosing the right decision for your future career? Or are you looking for the best professional courses after your class 12th? If yes, then you definitely reached the best place!

In recent years, the country has undergone significant changes in employment. But the lack of qualifications in the students who study each year points to the deprivation of the educational system. Therefore, which results in a shortage of skilled workers in each sector. So, by anticipating the possibilities, selecting the appropriate courses, and acquiring the skills.

The Central and State Governments are planning and implementing several programs to address the shortcomings of the youth in the education system. Together, the Sahara Kerala marks a new beginning in higher education. And the present system of education has been changed to qualitative changes.

It’s a confusing question as to what course to pursue after completing higher secondary education. We are confident that we can address this concern and our new initiative is energized by students who have received an excellent education in professional courses from the Sahara Kerala.


After graduating from higher secondary education, the majority of students choose undergraduate courses. In the current employment scenario, a degree is not considered a special qualification. This is what brought Sahara to this endeavor. And there is no doubt that completing a professional course that competent with the degree will improve the student’s level. This is a step into the world full of possibilities.

Professional courses are conducted by CADD CENTER DIVISIONs, Dreamzone, and Livewire, with over 30 years of experience and workforce skills development in more than 1000 centers across 25 countries. Sahara also provides technical and creative courses, so the student can pick according to their choice. The courses provided by SAHARA are certified by the National Skill Development Council, Government of India.

List of Courses after Class 12th

A degree program with additional professional courses to equip you for all the challenging needs in the present professional scenario. To help you in selecting the right kind of career options, here highlighting the best professional degree courses offered by Sahara Kerala after class 12th.

1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)





The Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a 3-year professional undergraduate course after class XII. It is the most popular bachelor’s degree program which is open to students from Science, Arts, and Commerce streams. B.A. English Literature is also a 3-year professional course to impart basic knowledge about English language and Literature.

BA History is one of the top Arts 3-year undergraduate professional courses after class XII. It focuses on the major historical events of India and across the world. B.A. Political Science or Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is a 3-year undergraduate professional course pursuing after class XII. It involves the study of both national and international political systems. B.A. Sociology or Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is a 3-year undergraduate professional course focused on the study of social relations and interaction, culture, etc. or the course is the study of society.

The major feature of this program is that students who choose a professional course can earn two certificates. As a professional, it helps our students gain extra consideration when participating in interviews. Upon successful completion of the course, the Sahara will be with you to find a suitable job. You can join hands with various companies in Kerala and abroad with the help of Sahara to establish the first step in your carrier. We wish a great future for the students!!

Vocational courses did become relevant only after graduation. But that practice is being rewritten by the Sahara. With graduation, you are building your professionalism. And our mission is to equip the students with the demands of the workforce and make the new generation to benefit the family and the community.

”Invest your time with us. Study. Success follows. Period”

For more details regarding the institution and courses , you can reach through the website link:

A bright future needs right education!

”Invest your time with us. Study. Success follows. Period”

Finishing your higher secondary course? Confused on where to head up? We have a way.


Alright! As you are curious to know what’s new about this, here you go. This is an altogether new educational platform. It can shape your future, but not in a conventional way. This is not just yet another undergraduate programme.
What is pulling you back from taking a professional degree course? Is it the fear that you won’t be getting an undergraduate degree? This is where we can give you a solution.
 Along with a conventional degree, you will be equipped for a job! You will be a professional! How? Read further.

Career option after +2

Here we are providing some normal degree courses, but stop, pause. There is a difference. We are doing some add-on to it. A degree programme with additional professional courses to equip you for all the challenging needs in the present professional scenario. Isn’t that amazing? 
Why should we do this?
Alright, let’s evaluate the current employment scenario. India is a country run by young people. Almost 34% of India’s population are youth. Skilled workers are in high demand, everywhere. But do we have that much skilled youth in our market? Central and State Governments are making considerable efforts to make our youth fit into a skilled workforce.
But what is the case of unemployment among our young population? A billion-plus population of average age 25 are unemployed (about 300 million)! On the other hand, there is an acute shortage of skilled labourers in industrial sector. There are youth who are educated, but unskilled.
Here is where SAHARA can help you. SAHARA has been established with a primary objective to enhance skills for youth of India to meet the growing demand of modern industrialization in our country.

professional course



SAHARA is an Educational Institution engaged in coaching with special focus in technology, leadership, management, and entrepreneurship. Sahara is proud of its tradition of serving the educational and employment needs of the young minds in providing placement assistance. We provide necessary tools to increase your potential for achieving a professional career and we will make our students a successful individual.


Normally, professional courses catch the eye of higher education aspirants only after graduation. It should be changed to enhance the professional level when you graduate. We will work closely with you during the course to make your professional portfolio and the students will be gaining experience through learning, the latest trends of the industry.

roadmap to success

Be a professional @ 21:


Can you imagine becoming a professional at the age of 21? After our course, your job is ready. 


Start with 5 digit salary:


In this season, getting a reputed job is not so easy and the number of job seekers are very high. Hence, 5 digit salary is only a dream. Here is the real role of SAHARA in shaping you a skilled professional to meet the challenges of the present job market within 3 years. 


Course structure: 


• First year: An intensive training in the selected professional course and degree program. 


• Second year: The student must do an internship program in related institutions. 


• Final year:  Time for placement assistance. 

Dual certificate

Best Professional Degree courses


We are providing technical and creative courses, so the student can pick according to their choice. The courses provided by SAHARA are certified by the National Skill Development Council, Government of India. We will give you classes with excellent faculty members to ensure your success.

Technical courses

     • Artificial Intelligence 

     • Data Science

  • Master Diploma in Python

  • Course on Full-Stack Development

  • Diploma in IoT Using Python

  • Course on Automotive Embedded System

  • Master Program in Information Security

  • Course on Diploma in Cyber Security

Creative Courses

• Graphics & Animation 

• Interior Designing 

• Fashion Designing 

• Web Development

Our highlights: 

 • Industrial expert-led classroom sessions 

• Top class faculty members

• Communication club

• Personality development classes

• Industrial visits 

• Skill development programs 

• Giving advanced study materials 

Our Vision

Innovating and gathering synergies for sourcing futuristic education to the student community for building a society of enlightened individuals with respect for life and ethics always promoting a novel culture of ‘Sharing your learning’ for a better tomorrow, we intend to promote Employable Skill Development creating experts for emergent creative and technology industries and specialist technology jobs.

Placement assistance:


 As we have established wings in technical and creative education, we can ensure you placement assistance. Many institutions need professionals in Kerala, India and around the Globe