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Technical Institute in Trivndrum

How to become more lively? How can be in a carrier which makes you an inventive person. A skillful profession is an asset. Inventions and new technologies reigning all over the world. Technology reduces human workload and it has became priority. Technology provides more inventive space and opportunities that demand your skills. Do you want to be a skilled professional? Are you ready to invent the possibilities of your technical knowledge? LIVEWIRE provides different courses that will help you to develop an emerging carrier. Industries and IT sector playing a major role in the future of our country. Aiming the development of our country in long extent it is essential to develop an efficient productive system. Economy is demanding an efficient functioning technical era. Make use of your skills for the good future. How to make a frame work for an efficient work? Work has to be done cost effective and timely. Workers are the foundation of a production system. So helping a worker to do a job in an efficient way is necessary for tremendous output. Technologies and machineries made revolutions in history. Revolution that was a humble gift for the humanity. Revolutions that made changes in industries, caused a blast in production. Paper works were the part of any production system as it manages to make it systematic and act as a technical core of the process. But paper works are now reformed to software. Yes, we want to do everything with lesser time. We are looking forward to reach more efficient systems. This thoughts leading us to software developing. For developing an efficient software system that satisfies the necessities of a particular work requires skills, adequate and deep knowledge. Python is an advantageous and demandable software nowadays. LIVEWIRE provides space for several software development courses including python. Analysis is a major part of studies. Interpreting datas to different forms of study and analysis done on the results obtained from it . Conclusions are made from the results obtained. Data science course are taught to do these processes which makes it a priority for you carrier. Because data handling is an unavoidable part of every working platform. As the advancement of technologies occurs courses like data science becoming a good choice. IoTs are also using widely for the purpose of data collection and tracking purposes. Being in a digital world we are facing multiple problems. From the need of a common man to the highly responsible democratic processes like elections are done in digital platforms. Digitised facilities are flexible ,user friendly and easy. But there are some concerns upon the security of digital platforms keeping it in retardation and making it doubtful. We can counteract such concerns by making it ethical. Ethical hacking courses are useful for cyber security activities and so on. Making use of technology with good intentions should be entertained. Hence ethical hacking is hopeful for the sustainability of cyber world. Robotics drives electronics field to an epic inventive explosion. Artificial intelligence has became the core of discussion in modern science world. It is expecting to be a good fortune for the mankind. People are aware of the uses of robots and it is already started using in certain fields as the studies progressing parallel. Films also created with the possibilities of a robot. Why do we create a substitute to man? How about if it is a man itself. An immortal manpower is a major leap in the trend of developing industrial world. Artificial intelligence opens up opportunities which are in high demand.

What do you want to study?

  • python

    Master Diploma inPython


    96 Hrs

  • fullstack development

    Course on Full StackDevelopment


    120 Hrs

  • Data Science

    Master Program in Data Science


    138 Hrs

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Diploma in Artificial Intelligence


    152 Hrs

  • IOT using python

    Diploma inIOT UsingPython


    88 Hrs

  • Automotive Embedded system

    Course onAutomotiveEmbedded System


    160 Hrs

  • master Program in information security

    Master Program inInformation Security


    233 Hrs

  • diploma in cyber security

    Course onDiploma inCyber Security


    116 Hrs


How do you want to study?


    Study in your free time,no time management issues, perfect balance between work and study time


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    Learning becomes easy with the multiple sources of learning materials such as text books, power-point presentations, and story boards on various subjects.

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Students Says...

  • If you wanted to learn designing from scratch and dreaming about becoming an expert, then Dreamzone is the best place for you. The amount of excitement and patience that every faculty shows here is astonishing. I have personally learnt so many things in designing, sketching and stitching.

    Aishwarya HukkeriDream Zone
  • I am doing Master in EDA course at livewire. Eventhough I did several courses at different institutions,I felt livewire the better amongst all because of its excellent faculty, lab and course curriculum.In addition to this,they are also providing textbooks.

    GANGA DEVI M,Livewire
  • Thank you Dream zone for helping me take my first step towards fashion designing! It was a great experience.. Experienced faculty, Personalised training and perfect ambience!

    Linda,Dream Zone
  • First of all I am thanking livewire for helping me to reach my dream. I am a fresher computer engineer, but when I was searching jobs they all were asking for any extra programming language skill and when I reached livewire they suggested me the Java course, and that made the turning point in my carrier. I would recommend to my friends too.

  • I was previously working in ORCAD software and I wanted to upgrade my carrier in that field and finally my search got ended up in livewire Trivandrum. The course contents are more practically oriented and I am very much satisfied with the course. The trainer was really very helpful.

  • This notion of thinking differently has fostered my imagination and has given me the freedom of doing things my way. I am thankful to DreamZone for giving wings to my ideas and creativity.

    Rachana,Dream Zone